Are you ready to view faith and Christianity in the same way you would your favorite pair of jeans?

blue jeans hanging

Comfort is essential and so is joy. In The Blue Jeans Gospel, author Rob Cruver cuts through the misunderstandings and complicated rules and practices of modern Christianity by focusing on its core message of loving, living and serving others. In this inspiring book, Cruver invites you to love, live and serve as Jesus did.

Through scripture and personal stories, Rob Cruver shows us how to develop a comfortable relationship with Jesus. He teaches us about love and how we should live relationally, with forgiveness and humility. He also encourages us to do this even when the blue jeans aren’t necessarily that comfortable. The author’s straightforward message of compassion and understanding is both refreshing and uplifting.

The Blue Jeans Gospel is a great read for those simply curious about the Christian faith, but also challenging to the long-time believer.

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