{Life in General} New Year’s REVOLUTION!

From year to year, I’ve joined the ranks of Resolution Makers … and then I forget them by February. Even if I write them down somewhere, I forget where I wrote them down … or even that I did. My life just rolls on. So you can imagine how successful I’ve been.

This morning, though, as I emerged from la-la land, considering the year ahead, I decided that this year I’m not making any Resolutions. (What?!) Tossed them right out the window. I decided this year, I need a New Year’s


[Insert your own epic background music here]

“It is in the nature of revolution, the overturning of an existing order, that at its inception a very small number of people are involved. The process in fact, begins with one person and an idea, an idea that persuades a second, then a third and a fourth, and gathers force until the idea is successfully contradicted, absorbed into conventional wisdom, or actually turns the world upside down. A revolution requires not only ammunition, but also weapons and men [and women] willing to use them and willing to be slain in the battle.” (Jude Wanniski “The Way the World Works.” I’ve never read the book but liked this quote.)

In terms of a personal REVOLUTION, I’d like to make changes this year that are truly life-changing. Changes that turn my little status quo world upside down. I actually want to be “slain” in the battle – meaning, to lay down whatever I need to in order to assure victory in this REVOLUTION and leave behind the old bits of me that aren’t worth carrying forward. But I also know that I need to be “armed” with the tools to accomplish those revolutionary goals.

I want the founding ideas of this REVOLUTION to be radical, yet simple. But I don’t imagine them to be easy. If there is no battle, no war-wounds, no heart-pumping action, then it’s not a REVOLUTION. It’s simply an option that’s likely not to be opted.

I read that the top New Year’s Resolutions include:

  1. Exercise / Lose Weight
  2. Get organized
  3. Help others
  4. Learn something new
  5. Get out of debt
  6. Enjoy more family time
  7. Learn to relax
  8. Eat healthy
  9. Travel
  10. Quit an addiction

Mine have pretty much looked the same over the years. Year after year after year … very generic and vague.

Before I began listing mine, I read a nice article called “The Beginner’s Guide to Goal Setting” by Michael Hyatt. Very simple, very practical. I recommend you start there if you’re hoping to accomplish anything this year.

I tried to consider spirit, mind, body and others. Here’s what my 2016 personal goals look like, as of today:

1. Grow Deeper in Jesus

PRAYER: Build Celtic Daily Prayer into my daily life
PRAYER: Keep track of prayer requests using OneNote
BIBLE READING: Read through NLT “Professor Grant Horner’s Bible Reading System
WORSHIP: Listen to instrumental worship songs while working to create a worshipful environment (I created a Pandora Instrumental Praise Radio station)

2. Learn!

The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple” by David Stewart
Oola: Finding Balance in an Unbalanced World” by Dave Braun, Troy Amdahl & Kurt Warner
Complete Guide to Water Gardens” by Kathleen Fisher
Butterfly Gardens” edited by Alcinda Lewis
The Solar Food Dryer” by Eben Fodor

The Everyday Gourmet” by Chef Bill Briwa (The Great Courses)

3. Write!

One post per week for blog, Honey Bees & Daisies (So I missed the first week. Don’t judge me.)
Quarterly articles as guest Faith Columnist at mycentraljersey.com

4. Lose 20 lbs this year

Lose 10 lbs by March 15
Lose 15 lbs by May 1 (why? California wedding)
Lose 20 lbs by Sept 1 (why? Sabbatical walk across England)

  • Drink 1 oz Ningxia Red every morning
  • Take supplements
  • Replace morning tea/bfst with Smoothie + Nitro
  • Walk / ride bike :25, 5 days per week
  • Strength / toning exercises, 3 days per week
  • No SUGAR!
  • Drink 3 24oz bottles water + citrus essential oil drops every day
  • Eat 1 green salad per day
  • Eat LESS!
  • Weigh daily
  • Take hourly movement breaks from computer

5. Help Others Live Healthy Lives

Teach (20) Essential Oil 101 Classes
Teach (10) Essential Oil 201 Classes
Teach (3) “Essential Oils of the Bible” Classes
Teach (3) “Essential Oils in the Garden” Classes
Lead (6) essentOILiving Team Workshops

I don’t share these, really, to ask you to hold me accountable. I mainly share them in hopes that I might encourage you to develop some REVOLUTIONARY goals of your own. What’s the saying? “If you aim at nothing, you hit it every time.” But, I’m tired of beating the air. Aren’t you? If I can do even half of what I set out to do, I think I’ll feel pretty good by the end of the year.

Something else I try to remind myself – life happens. It really doesn’t matter how much I plan and prepare and micromanage … God will guide me perfectly. So I need a plan that is purposefully flexible. I need to move forward with intention, but not flip out when something I can’t control blocks my path. God always shows a way over, around or through our mountains. After all, if I neglect to accomplish God’s goals for me, I’ve failed. So all my plans get bathed in prayer – beforehand and every step of the way.

What are you planning this year? Please comment below and share the goals you have and even what you’ve learned from previous years or tools you recommend for each of our New Year’s REVOLUTIONS!