{Around the House} Home Office, Part 3

{Around the House} Home Office, Part 3

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It’s finished! Apart from the little details that will emerge over time, my Home Office dream has become a reality! Here I sit, at my little desk and loving my little corner of the house.

Yesterday, I completed all the patching, priming, painting and staining. Today, I just added one more coat of stain to my desktop and then began moving in. So many elements have been just waiting in other parts of the house to become part of this space. The 2 iron scrolls fit perfectly as decorative toppers to the bookcases that are now filled with baskets I’ve collected from second-hand stores. I still have some containers to add. I really want everything to have a handy hideaway – so that it’s easily accessible, but out of sight. I’m so “done” with clutter. We bought these two bookcases when our daughter was just a baby – so about 22 years ago. They’ve followed us through 4 moves and have been sitting in the basement … waiting. They are just beautiful with a fresh coat of paint and new trim.

I’m loving my new desktop with 2 coats of stain. The printer has been officially moved out of the kitchen, as an eyesore, and is now happy at home on my desk. I took advantage of some vertical space in my little corner of the room to add those wall-width shelves for more storage space. I’m planning to add a bar of steel along my desk wall so I can hang little notes and reminders with magnets. I’ll let you know when that happens – if it turns out to be a workable idea. 🙂 And, check out my office chair! It’s an antique find and is amazingly comfortable, believe it or not.

The chalkboard wall is perfectly pristine right now, but it will soon be wonderfully scribbled upon. I can’t wait!

{Around the House} Home Office, Part 3

So, there you have it. In just a few days – and very little expense – I’ve created my dream home office. I am eager to settle in. My next project will be the INSIDE of that lateral file. I’ve got some serious paper to tackle and tame. But now, it seems like a manageable task.

Thanks for walking along with me as this dream became a reality!

I hope you’ve gotten some ideas for your own home as you’ve walked with me through this Home Office project. You can find more inspiration on my Pinterest boards:

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Are you working on any home projects? Be sure to Comment below and share them with us!

5 thoughts on “{Around the House} Home Office, Part 3

    1. Thanks Karen! That’s a textured wallpaper.
      1) I first spray painted the areas of the cabinet that would show, let that dry and set it in place in the office.
      2) Then I measured and cut wallpaper pieces to fit the two drawer fronts and the side panel. I brushed on some diluted craft Tacky Glue to the cabinet and pressed each wallpaper piece into place. Let that dry and trimmed, as necessary.
      3) I found a scrap piece of decorative wood trim that was the exact length of the bottom trim. (I love when that happens!) I primed and painted that, then Gorilla glued it onto the base of the front.
      4) To finish, I added some stick-on label frames by Martha Stewart. I may have picked them up at Staples? It’s been a while, so I don’t remember. 🙂
      Hope that helps!

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