{Around the House} Home Office, Part 2

{Around the House} Home Office Part 2


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After a couple of days away from the Home Office project, I spent about 10 hours today making some noise and scattering sawdust. I made quite a bit of progress too and it’s exciting to see my little office becoming a reality.

First, I attempted to hang the birch-patterned paper on the wall above my desk, but it wasn’t at all cooperative. It’s actually a thick wrapping paper, but still not sturdy enough to hold its shape when it got damp with glue. It just stretched and bubbled and rebelled. So I gave up that idea. I briefly considered making a rustic plank wall using some leftover fencing, but that’s a project I’ll save for another room on another day.

Then, I found some leftover aluminum panels I used for another project and decided I liked the shiny silver with its geometric shapes. So I made that work. And … I like it! It adds a nice reflective quality and a modern feel. These panels are most often used to make radiator covers, but I’ve never used them for that. Why start now? I’ll have to take a better picture of the aluminum panels. They look really nice up close. Trust me. 🙂

Today was “build” day. I installed two shelves above my desk, replaced the tops and trim on the bookcases so they’d snuggle together nicely in the corner, and I built a desktop by alternating 1x4s and 1x2s.

I also glued some textured wallpaper to the front and sides of the lateral file to give it some personality. Everyone should have an elegant file cabinet. It makes me want to actually use it.

One of my favorite elements I added today was a chalkboard wall. Three coats of chalkboard paint and – voila! I can sketch all my ideas and write out giant reminders right there on my wall.

Here’s a peek at what my office looks like now:

{Around the House} Home Office, Part 2

My next steps will be patching and painting the bookcases and shelves, then staining my desktop. I’m hoping to jump into that fresh tomorrow morning. Grab your brush and come on over.

I hope you’re getting ideas for your own home as you walk with me through this Home Office project. You can find more inspiration on my Pinterest boards:

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Photo Credits from "dream" bubble: Fresh Home , In-Kitchen Office, Janice Hamrick (messy desk drawing)
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