{Around the House} Home Office, Part 1

{Around the House} Home Office, Part 1

I’ve joined the birds in their migration. But rather than flying south for the winter, I’ve been migrating all over the house since we moved in a few years ago. I’ve been searching for a place to land my home office.

There’s a built-in nook in the breakfast room, but the desktop doesn’t allow for my laptop and usual spread of a thousand items I need within reach while I’m working. Storage is shared with kitchen items, and the frig and pantry are just too accessible for the all-day munchies. A dangerous place.

Every bedroom is accounted for (thankfully), but I have tried using my son’s desk space part-time while he’s away in college. Problem is, I’ve got to pack it all up every time he’s on break. I LOVE having him home, but my office supplies aren’t very migration-friendly.

I even tried out our “Florida room” which includes a great indoor greenhouse. But, in the summer, it truly feels like Florida with the sun heating the space up to 80 or 90 degrees. And, in the winter, it becomes way too cold for my comfort. It’s hard to type with stiff, blue fingers.

I’ve finally settled on a little nook that’s about 6’x7′ in the corner of our home gym. Certainly, I’d prefer a spot that isn’t interrupted by sweaty workouts, but I’m determined to make the best of it. I’ve got earphones to drown out the squat grunts and treadmill breathing and a lovely essential oil diffuser to keep my air smelling fresh. And, my son is going to let me borrow his room screen to give me a little more privacy.

The transformation has begun! And, boy, is it a mess right now!! But, that’s the way most new things begin, right? Change and transformation – whether it’s a space in a home or a place in our hearts – takes work and can be both messy and painful. But, the end result (with positive change anyway) is so worth it! And I’m excited about this project.

The home gym is a warm, sunny yellow. I chose that because I love summertime and it’s such an energizing color – which is especially needed during a dreary winter day workout. BUT I want my office space to be simple, serene and uncluttered. I’ve washed the walls in my nook with white. Just plain white. I never thought I’d paint a wall white, but I love the way it brightens and “cleans” a space. It even makes the little nook feel a little bigger. Plus, everything else in the room becomes the focus as the walls become an empty canvas.

I’ve brought up two old bookcases from the basement, ripped the trim off and squared them into the corner for some great storage. A friend gave me an old lateral file cabinet that is in the midst of a makeover, too. I love when I can marry function with beauty. The file cabinet will serve as the right side support of my new desktop – which I’m building from alternating pine 1×4’s and 1×2’s and will stain a natural wood color.

I’ve had a roll of wrapping paper I bought on closeout last year that has a lovely natural birch bark pattern. I’m planning to use it as a wallpaper accent. I love bringing an outdoor feel to an indoor space. Add a couple of wall-width shelves above the desk, some chalkboard paint to a side wall so I can sketch out big ideas or track my “To Dos” … Oh, the ideas keep rolling in.

But, right now … it’s a mess. (It looks AMAZING in my mind, though.)

Home Office 1&2

I’ll continue to keep you posted on my progress. I hope that I’ll be able to give you ideas you can use in your own home. In the meantime, feel free to check out my Pinterest boards for some inspiration:

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Photo Credits from "dream" bubble: Fresh Home , In-Kitchen Office, Janice Hamrick (messy desk drawing)
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