My name, Debra, is the Hebrew word meaning “bee.” Honestly, I was initially disappointed by that, thinking it wasn’t as meaningful as other names in my family – like Robert “bright fame,” Hannah “grace of God,” or Luke “light-giving.” But then, I decided to dig a little deeper. If you’ve ever studied the fascinating life of a honey bee, you know that a Worker bee literally wears her wings out feeding and caring for the colony. On average, she flies the equivalent of 1.5 times around the earth in search of life-giving food. I watched a video with my children when they were young that showed how the Worker scouts out a source of sweet nectar. Then, she flies back to the hive to hand out samples and perform a dance to show her co-laborers where to get their own goodness. In her figure-eight dance, she gives them both a distance and direction to fly (in relation to the sun). Her samples and waggling enthusiasm encourage other Workers to launch out to find her treasure.

Shasta daisies are my absolute favorite flower. Besides just being a happy-looking plant, they are easy to care for (meaning: it’s hard for me to kill them) and have a lovely, cooperative relationship with bees – offering them nectar for the service of pollination. A natural friendship.

When I finally understood the bee better, I was inspired to live up to my name … and the idea for Honey Bees & Daisies was born.

Life can be challenging and “nourishment” comes in so many forms – food, yes, but also rest, encouragement, inspiration, fresh perspectives… It is my desire to scout out the sweet things in life and share them with you here. Whether it’s a simple reflection on everyday life, an idea to help you decorate, organize or simplify your space, or a virtual tour of a beautiful place in the world — together, we can find sweetness, beauty, and HOPE all around us!

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